Tips When Choosing Composite Timber

    There are so many benefits you can get from a composite timber, like you do not need to repaint your deck during spring, you can avoid attacks of termites, you can have it look great all year by simple and easy cleaning and maintenance procedures and so many more. With all these benefits, there is absolutely no reason why won’t you consider it for your deck.

    When selecting a type of timber for your deck, take into consideration your pet. If you have a dog, their paws can wear down and scratch your deck material if it is not firm enough. Consider choosing a tougher, more durable, and long-lasting material if you are a dog owner. Dogs will often chew or gnaw on wood decking, and depending on the size and breed of your dog their chewing force can cause damage to your decking material. Be sure to take your entire family into consideration including your dog when choosing an appropriate decking material.

    Just so you know decking materials are not made and created equal. To find the best one for you, you must consider factors like budget, personal circumstances, how do you want your deck to look like, the amount of time you can give maintaining and cleaning your deck, your anticipated lifespan, ease of installation etc.

    There are many kinds and types of timber to consider for your deck, and below are to name a few:

    • Heavy Hopea: It offers a light brown to medium brown hue and highly ideal for your decking. This is considered to be one, if not the most expensive type of timber yet the initial payment can keep up with the timber’s low maintenance, long lifespan and ease of this timber’s installation. This is a perfect timber to consider by those who are looking for a beautiful deck
    • FJ Kwila / Kwila: This kind of timber belongs to the middle priced tropical hardwood and this is the most used timber for decking in New Zealand. One of the reasons why this kind of timber is popular is its excellent lifespan, simplicity of installation and its minimal maintenance requirements. Using this kind of timber will allow you to keep up with a reddy brown hue, and will turn to driftwood grey when exposed to weather. This kind of wood should be installed by composite timber specialists as it may bleed tannins while installation
    • Garapa: This is another kind of timber in the medium priced range. This indeed is one of the most eco friendly hardwood timber. It will start with a golden colour and will turn grey when exposed to weather. This will not only look great but it also offers homeowners with a deck that is built to last long
    • Pine nature deck: This can survive any tough weather conditions and known for its long life span. What made it a good choice is its ease of installation, but needless to say, installing it yourself is not highly recommended
    • Macrocarpa: Those who have minimal budget can choose this kind of timber for their deck. Although affordable, it offers great strength and it is durable. On its first year though, you are required to coat it with penetrating oil to make sure it will stay beautiful for a long span of time.

    There are other types of decking timber you might want to consider. Needless to say, just to make sure you are making the right choice, seek help and service from composite timber specialists. This is their field of expertise, and taking that to your advantage will help you own a deck that looks so attractive and perfectly providing your expectations.