Utilities Providers Taking Note of Proliferation of 100% Renewable Energy Goals

    The need for a planning and proactive action lies ahead as the targets for 100 percent renewable energy are is being set across the world. With an increasing threat of the effects of climate change looming over us, regulators around the world are pushing for the use of renewable energy. Utility companies need to understand the fact that the new goals are going to make a huge impact on their production of electricity and how it is supplied.

    With over 100 cities in the United States already declaring that they want absolutely 100 percent renewable energy provided to fulfill their needs of electricity within the next couple of decades, there are still more localities committing to climate change and renewable energy goals. According to the reports by the World Resources Institute, there were even $70 million allocated from the Bloomberg Philanthropies to help localities in the United States to address the climate change concerns.

    Utility Providers and Renewable Energy Goals

    Considering the effects of this much needed trend, companies across the world are committing to more responsible use of energy and searching for options that allow them to utilize renewable energy. The role electric utilities providers can play when it comes to achieving these goals for the reduction of emissions that contribute to global warming.

    It is imperative for utilities providers to take more active measures to provide renewable energy solutions to the businesses they are in partnership with. If the utilities companies do not align their strategies with these new goals, they are going to start losing their businesses to the nontraditional electricity providers that are willing to take the necessary steps.

    If traditional utility providers actively participate in achieving these goals, the collaborative efforts can lead to a world of a difference. They will be able to help the different localities meet their goals of resorting to 100 percent renewable energy in a cost effective and faster manner.

    Direct Energy and Renewable Energy Goals

    Companies like Direct Energy Alberta are taking proactive measures in this regard already. Large enterprises and small businesses alike are now looking for means to use energy sourced from renewable avenues and Direct Energy is one of the companies leading the charge to provide solutions that protect the environment and demonstrate a commitment to these sustainability goals.

    As things stand, Direct Energy happens to be one of the leading suppliers of gas and electricity in North America. With over 4 million customers and more than 240,000 of them being businesses that utilize their services, Direct Energy has a lot to consider when it comes to aligning with the sustainability goals.

    Not to be left behind and keeping in touch with the latest innovations in the industry, Direct Energy Alberta is the prime example of companies that have the ability to restructure the renewable energy deals which can help companies of all sizes achieve their strategic goals and minimize their risks at the same time.

    Why Working with Direct Energy will Benefit Businesses with their Renewable Energy Goals

    Direct Energy understands that offsetting a portion or even all of the energy supply that businesses use for their operations can become a complex and expensive move forward. There are just so many ways that they can go about trying to reach their sustainability goals.

    In a situation where the best possible course of action to take that will be reliable, economically viable and aligning with sustainability goals can be difficult for businesses, Direct Energy offers businesses the solution they need.

    There are several benefits that businesses can avail through working with Direct Energy. With the strong backing that Direct Energy has through the ownership and finances from Centrica, plc, Direct Energy offers:

    • Risk Management which includes the cost of moving the wholesale renewable power to the retail load, the unit contingency developer credit and congestion among others.
    • They have the ability to take on the up front financing for larger scale projects so that businesses can meet their tailor made needs without having to bear the costs of connecting to the renewable project.
    • The PV Solar solutions for direct investment for on-site renewable energy with the in-house solar EBC expertise
    • Expert capabilities when it comes to working with developers and generators to structure any long and short term renewable energy purchasing options.
    • And of course, the ability to bundle the supply with renewable energy supply.

    Direct Energy essentially offers the full range of renewable energy services which businesses nowadays need to fill the gap between their targets and the projects of developers supplying that power.