What is Hydrolyzed Protein Dog Food? And is it Safe for Dogs?

    Anyone who has a dog know that they are more than just a pet; they’re family. And as a family member, you care about what you are putting in their body. Knowing what is in their food and knowing if it is good for them is of utmost importance. Giving your dog food that is natural and nourishing is essential to keeping them healthy. Being able to read the ingredients in your dog’s food and knowing what they are is something you should be able to do. Hydrolyzed protein dog food is something you may want to avoid to ensure your four-legged family member stays in good health. 

    Hydrolyzed protein is a protein strand that is broken down into smaller strands. This type of food is sometimes prescribed by veterinarians so it’s easier for dogs with certain diseases, such as food allergies or irritable bowel disease (IBD), to digest their food. However, it comes at a cost. 

    Filled with anti-nutrients, synthetics, and sketchy ingredients, hydrolyzed protein dog food is about as unnatural of a dog food as you can get. Anti-nutrients can be natural or synthetic, and they impede your dog’s ability to digest the nutrients that are essential to their body. Not only do they make your dog work harder at digesting their food, but it also prohibits some of their necessary nutrients. Dried potato, hydrolyzed soy protein, and potato protein are examples of  anti-nutrients that can be found in hydrolyzed protein dog food. 

    Synthetics are put in hydrolyzed protein dog food to ensure that they meet the nutritional requirements. However, when the ingredients are natural, they’re more nutritious than synthetics. There can be a shocking amount of synthetic additives in hydrolyzed protein dog food, most of which the average person couldn’t even pronounce. Giving your dog something that you know nothing about is scary. Natural ingredients allow you to sleep at night, knowing that your dog has a healthy, nutritious diet. 

    No one wants sketchy, broad ingredients in their dog’s food. Natural flavors are usually listed as an ingredient in hydrolyzed protein dog food, but there is no clarification as to what those ‘natural’ flavors are. While they could be harmless, it is more likely that they’re similar to the other synthetic ingredients in hydrolyzed protein dog food. It is extremely concerning that the exact details of what are in these natural flavors are not disclosed. Especially if this dog food is being fed to a dog that has food allergies or other diseases. Who knows what you could be putting in your dog. Rather than taking a chance on your dog’s health, it’s better to go with a dog food you know is natural. 

    Hydrolyzed protein dog food is usually grain-free. While grain-free dog food might sound like it is a good thing for your dog, it actually has the opposite effect. The only reason your dog might need grain-free food would be if they have a grain allergy. However, it is very rare that dogs have food allergies, especially to grain. With a good source of sub nutrients, grains are actually helpful to your dog’s diet. Meanwhile, the FDA has been investigating grain-free food such as hydrolyzed protein dog food to see if it causes a potentially fatal heart condition known as Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM). 

    Knowing what is in your dog’s food is a top concern when you deeply treasure your furry companion. Giving your dog a healthy and natural diet gives you the peace of mind that your little fido will be able to run and play without a care in the world. After dissecting exactly what hydrolyzed protein dog food is, it is clear that it is not a smart choice for anyone’s precious pup.