What Is IT Strategy Consulting, and Does My Business Need It?

    Strategic information technology is an essential business tool. Anything that helps managers make business decisions can be considered information technology strategy consulting. Some examples are information systems planning, information security, IT cost management, and technology risk management.

    Information Technology Strategy Consulting Defined

    An information technology strategy consultant helps businesses improve their use of information to create competitive advantages. A good IT strategy consultant will help your business develop short-term and long-term plans for information management and technology investments. They can also help with specific projects, such as developing an information management system or improving process efficiency with technology solutions.

    Does My Business Need an IT Strategy Consultant?

    That depends on the size of your business and the information-related goals you have. A small startup may not need an information technology strategy consultant unless it wants to grow exponentially.

    A company with fewer than 50 employees might be served well by working with a good information technology (IT) implementation company, which can coordinate implementation of information systems and related technologies across multiple business units or a larger organization.

    Small businesses that have information systems consultants on staff or regularly use information technology strategy consulting should have no problem identifying potential information technology partners. You can seek out information technology strategy consulting companies by networking with other business leaders in your industry, attending trade shows and events, and contacting information technology organizations such as INPUT (Information Technology Resources & Services).

    Larger businesses with more than 1,000 employees should seriously consider engaging information technology strategy consultants to help develop and manage an overall information technology architecture and roadmap. A business of this size is likely to have several separate information systems that need to work together efficiently and be scalable for future growth. An information technology (IT) strategy consultant can help make this happen.

    The benefits of information technology strategy consulting are clear. Better information management leads to better business decisions, which in turn leads to a competitive edge. If you’re looking for ways to improve your information management or need help getting started with information systems, contact an information technology strategy consultant.