What Kind of WiFi do I Need For My Expanding Office Space?

    As your company’s WiFi needs are expanding, it is important to have the right equipment for WiFi. When building a wireless WiFi network in the office, you should consider what WiFi type you need. WiFi Mesh Access, WiFi Mesh Extenders, and WiFi Mesh Routers are the 3 major WiFi types to look for when planning your WiFi network.

    A WiFi Mesh Access Point

    -is an alternative to using wired access points. It acts as an access point itself, without the need for any additional wiring. The WiFi Mesh Access Point creates a WiFi network by connecting to the primary WiFi router via WiFi or Ethernet cable. But WiFi Mesh Access Points are not as effective as wired ones, because they cannot provide enough bandwidth compared to traditional wired devices that use ethernet cables.

    WiFi Mesh Extension Access Points

    -are WiFi access points that connect to WiFi routers, WiFi Mesh Access Points or traditional wired repeaters via WiFi or ethernet cables. They are very useful for providing WiFi in large spaces. WiFi Mesh Extension Access Point can create a WiFi network by itself if it has no connection to any existing WiFi router, but the more of them you have, the larger WiFi network you get. WiFi Mesh Extension Access Point is more suitable than WiFi Mesh Access Point because WiFi Mesh Extension Access Points can secure WiFi connection by themselves, if they are installed correctly.

    WiFi Mesh Routers

    -are devices that act both as routers and WiFi extenders at the same time. These WiFi mesh routers not only connect to WiFi Mesh Access Points or WiFi Mesh Extension Access Points wirelessly, they also extend WiFi signal by receiving WiFi signal from WiFi routers and rebroadcasting it using WiFi signals. WiFi Mesh Routers are very effective wireless devices that provide WiFi in large spaces.

    Planning a WiFi network can be tricky even when there are few people in the office. An IT company can help you out in deciding what WiFi type you need for your expanding office space. An IT company can also design, install and configure WiFi equipment for large offices.