What’s the Average Cost of a Car Crash?

    When you get into a collision, you might wonder how much it will cost to repair your damages. The average collision repair cost in the United States is $3,419 (excluding tax).

    This car crash statistic accounts for all collision damage, including front and rear impacts. This means if you get hit from behind or side-swiped, your collision repair cost will be identical. However, if you bump into a curb while parking and chip your front bumper, the collision damage is different and thus has a distinct collision repair cost.The average collision repair cost may fluctuate because of inflation and other economic factors like fuel costs. Repair shops also charge their customers differently based on what is necessary to fix their collision damages.

    For example, collision repair cost varies based on the severity of the damage. Damages in which all the original components are damaged or have become non-functional will be more expensive than minor collision damage in which only fractions of all components are affected.

    Some collision repair costs also vary by whether or not the collision damage has been fixed before. If a collision repair shop attempts to fix collision damages that have already been fixed once before, this will be more expensive than fixing collision damages for the first time.

    Collision repair cost may also fluctuate based on what type of car you drive and how your collision damage is categorized. For example, collision repair cost for SUVs will be more expensive than collision repairs for sedans because SUVs are larger and require collision repairs that are more complex.

    If you need help understanding the collision repair cost of your collision damages, consider consulting a collision shop representative.