Why a Full Outdoor Kitchen is the Key to Happiness

    You’ve probably seen some outdoor kitchens, if not in person, then at least on television. They’re usually made of stainless steel and come in a modular form that pieces together various components based on preferences. For instance, you can get outdoor kitchen modules with a grill, griddle, refrigerator, ice maker, a pizza oven, and even storage.

    Why would anyone want to build a kitchen outside? Isn’t it enough to have one in the house? The truth is outdoor kitchens make cooking and eating more enjoyable. If you don’t already look forward to cooking your meals, it could be because you’re cooped up inside. What you need is an outdoor kitchen!

    You probably spend too much time indoors

    Improved health and wellbeing are the top reasons you’ll be happier by cooking and eating outdoors. Being outside will give you more exposure to nature, and that’s something sorely missing in many people’s lives.

    Unless you work outside, you probably spend too much time indoors. If so, it’s not exactly your fault. You have to work to earn a living, and you can’t spend all of your free time lounging around by the pool. Between household chores, commuting, shopping for groceries, and taking care of other responsibilities, it’s no wonder the average American spends 93% of their life indoors.

    Just because it’s normal to spend so much time indoors doesn’t mean it’s healthy. It’s healthier for you to spend a decent amount of time outside because you need the fresh air and sunlight. The fresh air helps to cleanse your lungs and it’s quite a mood booster. Exposure to sunlight makes your body synthesize vitamin D, which is essential for good health.

    When you cook and/or eat your meals outside, you’re intentionally taking time out of your day to be outside. It’s an excellent way to ensure you get the sunlight and fresh air your body needs.

    A small, cramped kitchen creates frustration

    A poorly designed kitchen is a deterrent for preparing and eating meals. It can also make people feel frustrated and annoyed. Nobody is happy when they’re forced to prepare meals in a cramped, small kitchen. You may want to cook with your family, but if there isn’t enough room in the kitchen, you’ll all just end up frustrated.

    Having an outdoor kitchen solves this dilemma by providing you with an open space to use for preparing and cooking. You can set up your kitchen anywhere you want, which puts the layout of your outdoor kitchen completely under your control. You can make sure you maintain enough space to have ten people cooking if that’s what you want.

    You can host more people outdoors

    Happiness, for many, is tied to the ability to connect with other people. If you’re someone who enjoys hosting other people for meals, it’s much easier outside. Not only does everyone get the benefits of spending time outside, but you can host a lot of people.

    When all you have is an indoor kitchen, you’re limited to a small number of guests you can accommodate. Some people compensate by having their guests spill over into the backyard, but without a kitchen, your backyard lacks a central focus for people. The action is happening in the kitchen, inside, and people will feel left out if they’re forced to stay outside because of space constraints.

    On the other hand, when the kitchen is outside, the main focus of the gathering will also be outside, and nobody will feel left out. People can still choose to come back inside the house, but they won’t be forced to abandon the action.

    Make your gatherings happier with outdoor meals

    There’s nothing cozier than serving a bunch of your family and friends on your patio with warm, gentle breeze blowing. Or, if it’s cold, you can always get some propane-powered patio heaters to keep the space warm.

    Either way, having a full outdoor kitchen is an excellent way to keep your friends, family, and other guests happy. You may not need a full kitchen but want a pizza oven. Or you might want to go all out and build a full kitchen with a full-sized bar area for people to eat.

    No matter what kind of outdoor kitchen you want to create, it’s possible with the right modules and a little creativity.