Why Remote Work Should Remain an Option

    The working model was thrown into disarray in 2020, with many companies scrambling to set up remote working locations as businesses moved to allow employees to work remotely. Going forward, there is likely to be a hybrid approach to working practices as the benefits of remote work become more apparent for both workers and employers alike.

    Models suggest that companies will focus on a shift to accommodate people working from home with minimal time in the office if needed. With people’s understanding and appreciation for remote working more amenable, it makes sense that new business models and changes should be a push to utilize remote working as much as possible.

    Benefits to Employees 

    Factoring in employees’ satisfaction in their job roles to focus on retaining staff has often been a bone of contention. Happier employees will inevitably do more during their working hours and remain with the company longer. Remote working allows staff to work in an environment they feel comfortable in and reduce stress levels and outgoings by removing the need to pay for daily commutes, parking fees, lunches, and more.

    Employees can benefit from;

    • Lower stress levels,
    • Better home-work life balance
    • Fewer work-related costs
    • Lower blood pressure
    • Healthier lifestyle

    Benefits to Companies

    Remote working removes the need to have a physical office or base for people to commute to work. As such, the most immediate benefit is financial as you can lower your costs involved in renting larger office spaces and on equipment, cleaning accessories, utility bills, and much more.

    However, avoid forgoing the office altogether and instead look at downsizing so you can rotate staff in regularly to connect, hold meetings, etc.

    Digitization has played a huge part in adapting to new ways of working. Remote working offers up more opportunities to get creative regarding how your team can collaborate, conduct meetings, and attract new clients or businesses to your company. Working with an Arlington IT company can help you ensure your technology can lend itself to remote and in-person working simultaneously.

    Diversifying your company by evolving with current market trends can be bolstered by adopting this new way of working and looking at how you can continually push boundaries and evolve as the world changes.

    Flexibility plays a big part in how successful remote workers are. It allows for slight changes to the schedule to accommodate home life variances such as school runs, doctor appointments, and the more efficient working hours for individual employees. 

    Staff will repay leniency, flexible working attitudes, and trust in them by putting in more time working and going the extra mile.

    The Future of Remote Working

    What was once dismissed as an unrealistic way of working, more and more businesses are leaning into the benefits of remote working for both employees and employers alike. With the uncertainty the business community has faced in recent times, looking at ways to adapt your working structure and utilize remote working can help you determine positive changes that can help you evolve going forward with minimal upheaval.