Why Your Business Needs UV Light Sterilization in 2020 and Beyond

    Sterilizing surfaces, objects, and even water using ultraviolet (UV) light has been the go-to method in multiple industries for years. For example, hikers routinely use water bottles that sterilize creek water using UV light. This wonderful technology is also used by hospital staff to sterilize surgical instruments, surgical equipment, and entire operating rooms. Even parents use UV sterilization devices to clean toys and pacifiers.

    While there are multiple methods for sterilization, UV light is preferred because it’s safe, easy, and highly effective at sterilizing large areas in a short period of time. UV light can be used to sterilize entire rooms, and even people without harsh chemicals or human intervention, making it the perfect choice for businesses.

    How UV light works for sterilization

    Certain wavelengths of UV light are naturally germicidal. Specifically, UV-C light is the most effective spectrum for killing germs. Certain UV wavelengths break the chemical bonds holding a microorganism’s DNA together. With enough damage, no repair is possible and the microorganism will die.

    Sterilizing UV radiation can be emitted in various ways, including through air handling systems, handheld wands, devices to walk through, and devices that can be set on a table. Regardless of the method, UV light destroys viruses and bacteria like streptococcus, influenza, measles, SARS, and smallpox.

    Why businesses need a broad sterilization method

    Why would a business want to sterilize their building or even patrons as they walk inside? We live in a world full of bacteria and viruses that are easily transferred between surfaces, including  by human hands. Currently, in 2020, we’re facing the coronavirus pandemic and businesses need a safe and effective way to reduce the spread of the virus.

    Since the coronavirus is a threat to public health, most businesses have been closed to prevent people from coming in close contact with each other. Even though some businesses are allowed to operate at half capacity, the concern for spreading the virus still exists.

    To mitigate potential spread, some businesses are asking (or requiring) patrons to use hand sanitizer when they enter the building, but that’s not enough. Virus particles can be anywhere on a person’s clothing, and that’s why sterilizing patrons as they walk through the door is a good solution.

    The benefits of sterilization using UV light in your business

    There are several key benefits to using ultraviolet light for sterilization purposes.

    • UV light is highly effective. Many scientific studies have shown that ultraviolet light is highly effective for killing viruses like influenza, MRSA, coli, and other airborne viruses. Preliminary studies also suggest UV light can effectively kill the coronavirus.
    • No harsh chemicals required. Depending on what you need to sterilize, the process might require using harsh chemicals and plenty of For instance, sterilizing a conference room using disinfectant spray would require a significant amount of time to spray down every table, chair, window, door frame, and all other surfaces in the room.
      The person performing the task would also need to wear a mask to prevent them from inhaling the fumes. Inhaling disinfectant spray can cause temporary and permanent lung damage.
    • Hands-off application. There are many different types of UV sterilization devices. Some can be used directly on people as they pass through your entryway, while others need to be set on a table while everyone leaves the room. Whichever method you use, the application is virtually effortless. Provided the system is functioning as expected, it’s a hands-off approach to sterilization.

    Ultraviolet light sterilization will save time and money in the long run

    Naturally, every business owner needs to consider the cost of using an ultraviolet sterilization system. They cost money to buy, install, test, and maintain. However, using UV light should be a standard component in every business’ budget just like payroll and internet service.

    In 2020 and beyond, sterilization is no longer a convenient option, but a requirement for businesses that want to remain open during uncertain times. Throughout the United States, millions of businesses have already closed and won’t have the option to reopen until the virus is under control.

    Business owners lucky enough to be allowed to operate would benefit greatly from using a UV sterilization system. Patrons would feel safer when inside the building, and there could be a day coming when this type of sterilization will be a requirement for operating a business.