7 Gifts for the Outdoor Lover in Your Life

    If you have an outdoorsy person in your life, it can be difficult to nail down what the perfect gift for them would be. Perhaps your friend or loved one is a hiker looking to take on the remote wilderness of Scotland or bike through the bog and heathlands of Dark Peak in England–wherever they plan to go, it’s important that they’re adequately prepared. If you need to pick out a gift for an adventurer, we’ve compiled a helpful list of gift ideas. Keep reading below!

    Warm down jacket

    A packable but warm down jacket is a necessary garment for any outdoorsman worth his salt. It protects you from the elements and most importantly, keeps you warm. Being cold on a trek outdoors is a real morale killer. And, when you’re in the wilderness, conditions and temperatures can change on a dime. 

    Make sure your gift recipient is ready for anything in a down jacket. If you’re not sure what type of jacket to buy, you might want to consider a down jacket from Patagonia, which is constructed sustainably and crafted for the highest levels of warmth. This brand is known for its long-lasting durability, so it’s a great pick. Plus, these jackets are so stylish, they can easily go straight from the trail to happy hour.

    Packable camping stove

    Backpackers, hikers, and bike packers need to eat a lot on their adventures to replace the calories lost during their treks. Carrying a traditional camping stove while on the move is impractical to say the least due to its bulk and weight. Instead, consider gifting a PocketRocket Stove, an ultralight, fast-boiling canister stove. It can boil a liter of water in 3.5 minutes and the precision flame control goes from full blast to simmer easily. 

    Consider adding some freeze-dried foods to the gift as well, to really round out your gift. There’s nothing quite like a warm meal after a cold or difficult day.

    Backpacking bag

    Does your gift recipient dream of completing the PCT one day? Buy them a Crown2 60 bag from Granite Gear to help them out. Designed for serious backpackers, this bag is built from bottom to top to keep hikers comfortable as they take on multi-day or even multi-month treks through the wilderness. 


    Multi-tools come in handy on the trail for a variety of reasons. The Micra Leatherman multi-tool is an ideal choice and packs a knife, tweezers, file, spring-action scissors and more in a streamlined design.

    First-aid kit

    The type of first-aid kit you buy for your friend or loved one depends on what type of outdoor activity they typically do. If they’re regularly in remote areas, away from people and civilization, you should buy a more intense medical kit like the REI Adventure Medical Kit.

    It offers a ton of medical supplies organized by injury-specific compartments, so you can get what you need when it matters. It includes medications for allergic reactions, injuries, itching, pain, fevers as well as hospital-grade tools like EMT shears and precision forceps.

    Canvas of their favorite place to camp

    Maybe their favorite outdoor location is the Rockies in Colorado, or perhaps a the mountains of Austria that’s still unvisited—but on their camping or hiking bucket list. Waking up to an image of a beautiful scene of nature could be the spark that leads them to quit their day job and finally live out their dream of hiking or biking across the country. And, you don’t have to spend a lot, you can invest in a cheap canvas that still boasts a high quality finish.

    LuminAID inflatable lantern

    A lantern is essential for bike packing or camping, especially if you get to your campsite after the sun has already gone down. You might want to consider gifting your friend or loved one a LuminAID lantern. This powerful lantern can be charged in 16-20 hours in direct sunlight via its solar panel or in 2 hours by USB input. It can run on low for up to 50 hours. And, it can recharge your phone in 2-4 hours depending on the type of phone you have.


    With these tips, your friend or loved one will be ready for their next big adventure in the great outdoors. So, get to shopping!