A.R.T. Furniture – The Perfect Start to Creative Home Décor

    Home décor cries out for a little pizzazz – something to set it apart from the crowd and make it seem far from the ordinary. Fortunately, you can buy A.R.T. furniture at 1StopBedrooms online to start your creative decorating project out with style. Here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling.

    Decorate on the Diagonal

    A neutral-colored living room set is the ideal backdrop for exciting wall treatments. Set off a cozy contemporary living room set, like the Arch Salvage Jardin Sectional by A.R.T., with a wall of diagonal bookshelves for a stunning informal look. Another idea is to use the same tranquil living room set and place an area rug with a chic diagonal design in front of it.

    A.R.T. and Portraits

    A.R.T. furniture has an artistic flair that matches up beautifully with intriguing portrait artwork. The Valencia Gathering Height Extendable Dining Room Set has fascinating elements of traditional design, like a turned pedestal base, detailed carvings, and an elegant patina finish. Choose portraits to complement its style. For instance, you can cover one wall with a blown-up portrait from a long-ago family wedding. Lean an art reproduction against the wall instead of hanging it up to create a fascinating blend of classic and casual décor. Or go for a contemporary style dining room set and add silhouettes of family members or your children’s self-portraits.

    Freshen Up with Moveable Décor

    Whether you are renting an apartment or just like to change up your interior often, moveable décor brings a bit of fun and freshness to your home. Begin with a versatile furniture set like the Morrissey Bezel Lloyd Upholstered Shelter Bedroom Set. Then, build a room divider. Wallpaper the divider on each side, one with a summer theme and one depicting winter. All you need to do is place the divider with the appropriate season facing out into the room for a fresh new look both seasons. You can also choose throw pillows to match each scene and store away the ones you are not using.

    Double Up

    Many people look at a furniture set and try to choose one piece of each type. The creative interior designer goes a step further. Consider buying more than one of the items that most people use singly. For example, take a look at the Epicenters Williamsburg Extendable Rectangular Dining Room Set by A.R.T. Of course, you will probably want the table and multiple chairs. Now, think about the optional pieces. You can place two or three of the round mirrors around your room. Choose red, black, or white framed mirrors, all in one color or mix them up. Another option is to get two or more display cabinets to set side by side and fill with your most cherished mementos.

    A.R.T. furniture is built to high standards of quality, design, and style. What is more, you can match its creativity with art, accessories, and more furniture that has the same touch of creative style. Your home will be like no other.