Winston Deloney: Talking Real Estate, Entrepreneurship, & Working Remotely

    The idea of becoming an entrepreneur is one that is considered by many… and for good reason! When you’re sitting in a cubicle, going from meeting to meeting, feeling like you’re working for another rather than yourself, entrepreneurship truly sounds like a dream. 

    While those who have succeeded as entrepreneurs would most likely agree with you that it’s a great route to travel down, it’s also one that requires more dedication, determination, and drive than any other job.

    Real Estate Investor Winston Deloney knows this well. As a leading real estate professional, he has built his successful business from the ground up. While he has been able to become his own boss, set his own hours, and do what he loves, Winston Deloney is the first to say that it took a lot of hard work and patience to find success.

    We’re sitting down with Winston Deloney to talk real estate, entrepreneurship, and working remotely.

    Why did you choose real estate?

    At the core of it, real estate is really fascinating as it allows me the ability to work with people to find or create their dream home that they go home to every night. On a more tangible level, it’s incredible to be able to have a job where I get to be both creative and analytical.

    Likewise, it’s nice to work on my own terms, but I’ll be the first to say that never means that I’m working less!

    What is the most difficult part of being an entrepreneur?

    Being a successful entrepreneur requires a lot of self-created structure that can be difficult for many. Many can’t create that structure for themselves and do poorly as an entrepreneur due to that. While everyone wants to be their own boss, it’s important to understand that it requires being just as strict – or even more strict – than another person would be on you.

    Oftentimes, people see building their own schedule as being able to wake up late and go to sleep early. I’ve found that I’m working sunrise to sunset to ensure that my daily goals are achieved.

    What is a piece of advice that you’d give to someone working remotely?

    Once on your own, you need to be creative in finding ways to stay productive. You need to carve out your time wisely, set up your space, and don’t become distracted during the workday.

    There should be a clear divide between the working parts of your home and the relaxed parts of your home. Likewise, it’s important to step outside throughout the day, go out at night, and get away from your home office whenever you can!

    What is a piece of advice you’d give to someone looking to become a real estate professional?

    It’s important to learn as much as you can about real estate, whenever you can. You can then explore other real estate investment strategies and pick one based on your time, budget, and long-term goals. To be successful in the field, you need to be passionate about it.

    By learning how to use that passion to be the best in the realm, you can further your career and become a leader in the field. Never stop learning is my number one rule for myself and the first tip that I give any budding entrepreneur!

    What is your next step?

    Like everyone, it’s important to begin navigating how to do business in a more virtual world. Thankfully, real estate is a such a fast-paced industry that we’ve been able to stay on top of technology.

    As with anything, I’m working to get ahead of the game and see what new opportunities present themselves in this new virtual world!