Are You Comfy in Your Scrubs?

    Wearing medical scrubs is a routine for all types of health care professionals. They are sanitary clothing items worn by those involved in patient care. Scrubs are designed with minimal decoration for easy identification of contaminants and from sturdy material to hold up to the type of frequent heavy duty cleaning necessary to remove bodily fluids and sanitize garments and protect personal clothing and skin. They are utilitarian garments meant to aid and protect care givers. Picking the right scrubs is important to physical comfort, work productivity, and self-image and presentation. Here are a few tips for choosing and wearing the right scrubs for the best style and comfort.


    We all have our favorite colors, and health care professionals are no different. Colors affect mood and emotions. While the main purpose for wearing medical scrubs is not fashion, the color of clothing affects you and the people around you. Some hospitals and healthcare settings may require color coding scrubs for different areas, but if you have a choice of color, consider that the Journal of Clinical Nursing found that multi-colored uniforms affected child patients positively and enhanced their perception of nurses who wear them. They are happier and more trusting of nurses in brightly multi-colored clothing.  At Medical Scrubs Collection, you’ll find a wide variety of colors and styles.



    Medical scrubs come in different styles, including neck style, the length of the top, with or without pockets, loose or form fitting. The style of scrubs that you choose will be based on your personal style and comfort levels. A casual health care setting may call for more unstructured scrubs, while more tailored and form fitting scrubs may be better for a formal institution.



    Although you won’t find as wide a range of material for scrubs as in everyday clothing because of the utilitarian aspect, scrubs are made in lighter or heavier cloth. If you don’t like wearing layers, you may prefer scrubs with heavier cloth in colder weather. If you prefer to wear undershirts and other undergarments like leggings or tights, lighter weight scrubs may suit you year round.



    Adding your personality to your workday is fun for you and the people you spend time with all day. Consider embroidering your medical scrubs with your name or nickname. Wear fun hair accessories or attractive or fun watches or stethoscope charms that reflect your style, likes, or hobbies. If your employer offers branded accessories, use lanyards, scrub caps, tote bags, or pens to show your loyalty.


    Alterations and Maintenance

    If you prefer loose scrubs, it doesn’t mean you have to give up style or comfort. Make sure your pants cuffs aren’t too long or dragging at your heels getting tattered by having them hemmed. You may not like to iron your clothes, but investing in a clothing steamer can help you look your best in your scrubs without hauling out an ironing board. Repair any rips or tears right away to avoid an overly worn look and further damage to material for longer lasting garments.