Car Cover Colors Explained

    Picking the right protection for your car makes a big difference in retaining its look and performance. Car covers are an excellent way to keep your auto safe from the elements whether you use it regularly or keep it in storage.

    Regardless of how often you use it, the color of car covers can make a real difference in how well it keeps the interior and exterior of your vehicle protected. Here are a few ways the shades of car, seat and custom dash covers affect the overall performance of that protection.

     A Hot Time

    Anyone who’s worn a black tee-shirt on a hot summer day knows that darker colors are going to absorb more heat. While this might not seem like a big deal for car covers, especially those that shield vehicles that don’t get used too often, it can mean the difference between having a pristine or melted interior.

    If your car is in a sunny area, darker covers are going to trap all of that heat inside. This can cause the interior temperature to reach levels above even the softening point of plastic, damaging dashboards, seats and accessories beyond repair. The best truck covers for hot weather have a silver tint, letting them actually reflect the heat and UV rays away from the vehicle’s body.

    Weather…Or Not

    There are other considerations to consider when choosing colors than simply hot temperatures. Even in cloudy weather, ultraviolet rays can still penetrate through some covers and start affecting the paint or internal plastics. 

    This is where darker covers take first place. Colder climates will benefit from the heat retention dark car covers will provide while allowing little to no UV bleed through thanks to the pigment. Consider thicker protection as well, since colder areas can be subject to hail and sleet precipitation and extra cushioning will prevent some dings and dents.

    A Lighter Touch

    The Sun’s rays can do a lot of damage to paint, even if you have a darker colored cover to absorb as much light as it can. There can be patches on the cover that are less protected, creating spots on the vehicle that receive more intense UV radiation.

    If you have a car or truck with a lighter paint job, you’ll want to choose a lighter car cover, too. This will lessen the chance that dark spots will appear from bleed-through, creating more uniform protection over the whole vehicle.

    Aesthetics Abound

    If you don’t have any particular worry about UV rays or bright spots, there is one more aspect to color choice that can make all of the difference. Some enthusiasts are looking for a color that compliments their vehicle or the area where it’s housed. 

    When you’re choosing the best outdoor car cover for your needs, it should also appeal to your sense of aesthetics. Keeping a silver-colored car-shaped bag in the driveway might appeal to some, but others want to have the flair of a custom cover that emulates the white and blue paint job of their automobile. 

    There’s no reason why your car cover shouldn’t reflect your personality. Look online for the best deals on custom fitting and colorful options and you’re sure to find the cover that will keep your car fully protected until you’re ready to take it back on the road!