The Important Factors Of Why Commercial Property Valuations Are Detrimental

    Most people understand the importance of commercial property valuation, but they often don’t realize that these valuations provide long-term benefits as well.

    Determining the value of such property are influenced by many aspects, i.e. what the property is used for, the market value for this type of property as well as the income generated annually.

    A Valuation is an essential part of underpinning all transactions relating to the property and ownership.

    commercial property valuations

    Few Long-Term Payoffs That A Commercial Property Valuation Can Offer:

    1. Retirement Planning

    Properties, just like equities and cash falls into an asset category that needs persistent performance tracking and management.

    An annual valuation can provide the necessary insight into the property’s portfolio performance in line with capital growth expectations.

    Property holdings are viewed as principal retirement funding or pension funds, and you don’t want any unpleasant surprises once you’re ready for retirement.

    1. A Helpful Maintenance Guide When You’re Considering Renovation

    If you are planning major renovations to a property, the best way to determine whether you need to do maintenance is to have a valuation done. IP Valuations are committed to providing their clients with exceptional service when it comes to Independent property valuations. These evaluations could be helpful in assisting you with working out how much the additional expenditure will be adding to the property value if any. There is a thin line between regular maintenance and the temptation of developing and renovating the property.

    Overcapitalisation of the asset may reduce your return on the investment.

    1. Estate Or Succession Planning

    When a shareholder retires, become disabled or dies, the interest they held in the property will be passed on to the remaining shareholders as per the buy-and-sell agreement, or it is left to specific heirs or beneficiaries stipulated in the deceased’s last will. It is of vital importance to have an accurate idea of the current value of the property for estate and succession planning. Also if you are planning to have any renovation done before selling your property then make sure to hire some good building contractors which can help you to acquire any necessary building permits (a.k.a Bouwvergunning) to get the work done smoothly.

    Commercial Property Valuation

    What Services Does An Independent Property Valuation Company Specialise In?

    • Sale
    • Purchase
    • Development
    • Investment
    • Deceased estate
    • Dispute resolution
    • Superannuation reporting


    A particular skillset and expertise are required when commercial property valuations are carried out. You need to be looking for a team of specialists in the field to ensure that you have access to a reliable and the most accurate valuation for your property portfolio or building.

    If you decide to dispose of a property, it is imperative to market the company at the right selling price, as potential purchasers will take full advantage of the buyer’s market and will potentially buy a property at the lowest fee possible. Purchasers control the negotiations and often rely on sellers that are desperate and therefore selling their properties for less than they initially planned on getting.

    Make sure you acquire the services of a Company that uses market research, on-site inspections, and the latest valuation standards and that has extensive experience in doing valuations for corporate and private companies and major institutions, making them valuation specialists of commercial properties.