Growth and Success: How Top Private Label Companies for Skinny Tea Products Are doing it!

    If ever, there was a better time to go full throttle on e-commerce, then it certainly had to be in this era. Forget about drop-shipping, private labeling is on a boom right now, and those reaping big from it are the savvy, web-entrepreneurs. Guys are racking in millions of dollars annually in revenues even without ever touching the actual product they are selling!

    It might sound ludicrous, but believe it or not, over 50% of those making a fortune off Amazon are already deep into white labeling. Completely taking over this lucrative business-to-business world, they’ve exploited every available business opening under the sun. You find many repackaging and supplying vitamins and mineral supplements, others managing thriving cosmetics and beauty product stores, lines of baby care products, etc.

    For many of them though, success hasn’t arrived on a silver platter.

    In Amazon and pretty much every other global marketplace, the sheer amount of competition between private label entrepreneurs is indescribable. It is way too fierce that, for someone starting in it is better off building their own brand instead.

    Starting a private label business on your own might not sound like the best of all ideas, given the amount of effort and expenses involved. First, it might also take a bit more time before the business takes off, unlike doing it on a stable platform. Along with that, the expenses incurred until the business breaks even is immense.

    But it is a decision that many top-ranking private label companies out there are still happy about. They delight in taking and fulfilling orders while managing their growing their brands and bizarrely without jostling for customers on a single platform.

    Why private labeled skinny tea product retailers are doing well

    Lots of sellers of health and wellness supplements, foodstuff, weight management products, and eco-friendly cleaning products are white labeling. Out of these hordes of smart private labeled product sellers, however, none seemingly matches the allure that merchants of skinny tea products enjoy.

    Profiting from the fact that nearly everyone today is health conscious and wouldn’t hesitate to gulp a cup of slimming tea, private label companies for skinny tea products are reaping big. You see, amidst the massive cases, of ill-health linked to obesity and being overweight, skinny teas are highly sought after.

    And so, white labeled slimming teas have gained fame in terrific proportions. They have grown to be far much more lucrative to sell than any other conventional tea type, given the benefits they deliver. Added to that, supplying tea products to its adherents at a time when their demand is growing dramatically invariably guarantees its sellers a lot in profits.

    From green tea’s magic in decreasing body weight and fat level, Pu-erh tea’s flavorful and earthy aroma as well as its Midas touch against blood sugar, the fruity, fragrant and aromatic Oolong tea, these products are in hundreds. There are even more varieties, including black slimming tea, white tea, herbal tea, and lots of other brands.

    Their benefits in the body of the consumer are necessarily the same, and this adds to the success of skinny tea products. The trick that does the magic for someone who private labels them, however, is how one manages to create a brand that, not only remains unique, but also appeals to the vast healthy tea loving population.

    1. You need to buy from a seller of top-quality health teas

    Manufacturers of top-quality, healthy slimming teas aren’t hard to find given the popularity of these teas. Suppliers who understand the benefits of teaming up with private labelers often readily accept to sell unbranded teas in wholesale.

    Most of them can be found on the many global marketplaces, especially Amazon and Alibaba. For the safety of your investment, start by ordering a small quantity of each product so that you carefully test and determine their qualities.

    If you feel satisfied with their skinny tea varieties, go right ahead and order in bulk. While buying them in large quantities, however, make sure to factor in such expenses as shipping costs and any customs charges.

    1. Focus on how unique and attractive you package your teas

    Forget about finding the right manufacturer of quality healthy tea, success in this business fundamentally starts from how beautiful the package is. That is to say, whoever you want to contact build your own brand, especially the logo and the box, holds the key to how successful your private label business will be.

    A grave mistake you can do is to copy how a famous brand is packaged. If you do this, trust me, your marketing campaign and the entire product will backfire, and you will have yourself to blame. Here the role of a professional packaging company is crucial to help you come up with a killer package for your product.

    Therefore, try to build a brand image, a logo, and a design that instantly makes healthy tea lovers fall in love with your product. Remember, when it comes to white labeling, success starts from how you package the product, including listing down the ingredients. Ideally, you shouldn’t hesitate to choose a professional who has done it before.

    1. Fulfillment

    Fulfillment of orders placed on your independent online private label products store should have the same efficiency as that of Amazon-based sellers. A super-efficient service will most definitely earn you more positive reviews and more clients.

    Fulfillment is no joke, especially if it is an ‘in-house’ based. The best thing you would do is to try outsourced fulfillment centers or even partner with drop-shippers. Everyone does this as it has been proven to work.  

    Private labeling isn’t as easy as it sounds though

    Let no one lie to you – private labeling is way too expensive to launch and run compared to dropshipping or any other form of business online. You pay for everything, right from the manufacturing phase, branding and packaging of your product, all the way to shipping it to customers.

    In this world, success often takes a while to arrive, but with perseverance and dedication to it, definitely, it will come. After you’ve marketed your brand and the world has already accepted it, your growing customer base will gradually grow, signaling the start of an empire.  For someone who expertly embarks on this business, the returns could be bountiful.

    Also, one great thing with private labeling is the profit margins. Being the one calling the shots, you can alter the profit margins the way you like and still enjoy huge profits alone. Be sure to, therefore, calculate your profit margins based on every cost incurred, including packaging, shopping, warehousing, and everything else.