How to Choose a Dead Sea Product: An Expert’s Guideline 2019

    All over the world, Dead Sea beauty products have no competitor. They are, by far, the best beauty and cosmetics products, and rightly so because of the source of their ingredients: the world’s great hypersaline Sea.

    But first, the secret behind their charming touch

    The secret is in what they are made from. Whether it is a scoop of potash taken straight from the Sea, mud or even salt – the most popular of them all, all Dead Sea products are effective on the skin. They are amazing in how they get rid of all unsightly skin blemishes and rejuvenate the skin.

    Dead Sea cosmetics by seaoflifeshop or any other reputable line of beauty products, for example, command lots of respect amongst divas, beauty kings and queens, and beauticians across the world. Day creams are known for the healthy glow effect, besides elevating any sagging skin. They often refine facial contours, leaving one with a youthful look.

    For anyone with a charred skin or an acne-infested face, mud masks straight from this magical Sea also work like a charm. After several weeks of regular application, all the once ugly spot will start brightening up again!

    The secret behind all these incredible results, according to beauty products connoisseurs, is what the Dead Sea has in abundance. Any ingredient sourced from this Sea has lots of mineral salts required by the skin to get back to its previous best.

    Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc, Sulfur, and all the other minerals contained in it effectively work on any skin infections. They treat the problem, replenish the skin, and leave it looking soft and supple. Furthermore, most of them leave no severe side effects on the skin while suitably serving all skin types.

    How to choose a genuine Dead Sea beauty product

    The rising popularity of these products, coupled with the growing demand is spelling doom on the whole industry. In an era where fake copycats, riding in the fame and superiority of Dead Sea cosmetics products, now sell cheap, bogus products under the same name, you’ve got to remain careful.

    Genuine beauty brands made from the real ingredients found only in this part of the world have distinct products that separate them from the rest. However, choosing one isn’t always a smooth ride; especially for someone who has no idea how genuine differs from fake.

    You will have to scour for the right one from the many counterfeits sold at the beauty store across the street or from the hundreds sold online. It is akin to walking a tightrope given the sheer number of fakes.

    If you are currently caught up in this situation and you can’t tell what beauty products are genuinely made from the Dead Sea, the following guidelines might be of help:

    • Brand or Manufacturer’s Name

    Israel, where almost all the reputable manufacturers of beauty products have pitched camp, has about 189 companies today. Cumulatively though, the number of these companies is higher as others are found outside Israel, but within the vicinity of the Dead Sea.

    Regardless of where in this region the manufacturer is from, you must be dead sure the product is sourced from this region. Essentially, you should stick to a brand whose products have a reputation and hordes of clients. Look up the name online or ask around before placing an order.

    Some of the supreme names are the Canaan range of cosmetics, Ahava, Baldwin Men Care, Queen Odelia, Minera, Vivo per Lei and Premier. You should also buy from a seller with a distinguished name in the global cosmetics industry. Such a shop most definitely never stocks up fake products!

    • Check out the Ingredients of the product

    Alongside buying from a brand based in the Dead Sea region, don’t forget to analyze the ingredients used in making the beauty product. Mineral salts listed down aren’t adequate to compel you to buy it.

    Some of the ingredients to look out for include the Dead Sea-specific ones. In this case, you may consider them based on the manufacturer. If it is a facial peel, Queen Odelia ranks top, while on the facial masks made from the mud picked from the Sea, Ahava often never disappoints.

    It is basically recommended that you draft a list of manufacturers and their specific ingredients, having researched on the web. Whatever you do, however, be sure to stay away from any product made from harsh and dangerous chemicals, especially Mercury and bleaching agents.

    • Choose a product according to its use

    While shopping for a Dead Sea beauty product, be sure to make your selection according to its application. If it is a shower gel, for example, make sure you strictly go for a product indicated as a shower gel.

    You could do this by carefully reading through the product’s instructions or asking the salesperson. If you buy a wrong beauty cream, gel or soap and go right ahead to use it and it never leaves the desired results, you will undoubtedly fume with anger at the seller for making fakes. Many people have naively ordered a wrong product before, only to regret after using it.

    • Consider its Price as well

    It is very easy for a fake beauty commodity to sell if it is priced lower than and marketed one. But given that a product that works most certainly has value, it would be absurd to get a premier quality skincare product selling at a dirt-cheap price. Therefore, if you come across a commodity that purportedly leaves a Midas touch on the skin and alleges to have been manufactured from Dead Sea ingredients, but sells cheaply, ignore it.

    Other critical things to consider are the commodity’s license, how it is packaged, and perhaps whether someone you know has used it before. All Dead Sea cosmetic products have a license and information regarding if it is often published within the package. Additionally, it is natural of any top-quality, highly sought-after cosmetics product to feature professional packaging.


    If the commodity has never been seen before and has zero reputation online, yet it boasts of being among the best, leave it alone. Counterfeits are fond of copying from genuine Dead Sea products and often target those who never research before buying any particular product. Be smart and purchase legit!