How Microsoft Is Changing in 2022

    Microsoft has been a staple in the tech industry for a very long time now. It is by far the most profitable company of all the “FANBOYS” (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google). As they keep growing and expanding their business model they face new challenges as well as make some bold moves. Let’s take a look at Microsoft in 2022.

    As Microsoft continues to innovate and evolve its business model, they will face new challenges. In 2022 Microsoft will no longer be the powerhouse it once was. Microsoft knows this but does not want to become a dinosaur in the industry from stagnation. Microsoft is doing several things at once to change their consumer base without alienating themselves from their current consumers. Microsoft is aware that their user base is aging while new generations are coming of age.

    Microsoft doesn’t want to be the brand their parents used when they themselves are parents! Microsoft will become more family friendly, have better parental controls/monitoring, & cater to younger generations with different styles of computing. Microsoft has taken this very seriously and done an amazing job in my opinion. Microsoft wants to be the brand you heard about when you were a child and your parents used Microsoft, and now Microsoft is the brand that your children hear about and they want to use Microsoft!

    Microsoft will drop its core consumer base in order to expand to new audiences. Microsoft will become more casual allowing themselves to target a younger audience. Microsoft will cater to a casual lifestyle making Microsoft more kid friendly, music/video focused, and family oriented. Microsoft has already made this change so it isn’t much of a stretch for Microsoft. Microsoft is aware that they need to focus on the “next generation” in order to secure their future! Microsoft wants its brand to be seen as innovative and cool, Microsoft knows they have to change their brand image.

    Microsoft will start this process by introducing Xbox wearable tech which Microsoft has already started researching and developing! Microsoft will also focus a lot on its entertainment systems & services as well as online music options. Microsoft is extremely focused on making Microsoft the best at family computing. Microsoft wants all generations of families to see Microsoft as the premier choice for all their computing needs. Microsoft also wants to make Microsoft the brand you think of when you want to watch movies or listen to music! Microsoft has already made several changes in this regard, Microsoft is working on bringing Xbox Live online streaming to other devices through entertainment apps and making Microsoft a premier choice for online music options!

    Microsoft is also making Microsoft’s music service available on Android, iOS, Mac OS X, & Windows devices. Microsoft is trying to make Microsoft apps accessible for all smart phones and all computer operating systems. Microsoft realizes that if they are going to transition their consumers into the next generation of computing Microsoft has to be everywhere they are! Microsoft knows that most Microsoft consumers are on Microsoft’s website on Microsoft products. Microsoft is taking measures to make sure Microsoft services are accessible for all computing devices through Microsoft apps! Microsoft knows that they need to remain competitive with Apple, Google, Amazon, etc…and Microsoft knows they can’t do this alone.

    Microsoft has partnered up with several companies & brands which have created unique Microsoft bundles Microsoft is extremely focused on. Microsoft knows that Microsoft has changed their core focus and Microsoft wants to make Microsoft appealing to a wider variety of consumers & Microsoft wants this change to be seen as a Microsoft only initiative.

    Microsoft will change everything from user interface, cloud storage, online services, search engines, entertainment options, home computing options, apps for Microsoft, Microsoft’s online presence, Microsoft’s look and feel, Microsoft’s website, Microsoft’s ecosystem of Microsoft & partner products, Microsoft software for other devices/computers/telephones etc…

    This change will allow Microsoft to remain competitive with the large technology companies while still gaining a foothold in each new generation. Microsoft feels this is the best option Microsoft has to secure Microsoft’s future. Microsoft is Microsoft’s only hope for Microsoft’s survival! Microsoft feels that if Microsoft doesn’t act Microsoft will become obsolete. Microsoft decided that this was the only way Microsoft could remain competitive against larger technology companies like Apple, Google, Amazon, etc…

    This change has caused several internal struggles within Microsoft causing several layoffs throughout Microsoft’s divisions (especially Microsoft’s online division) Microsoft also lost several key executives. Microsoft feels this is Microsoft fighting for Microsoft’s survival! Microsoft sees Google, Apple, Amazon, etc…as Microsoft competitors & Microsoft doesn’t want to be left behind in the dust like several other companies that were unable to compete.

    This change makes sense considering Microsoft’s history of Microsoft’s entire business model. Microsoft has already attempted making Microsoft appealing to a wider consumer base in the past which Microsoft was able to do for a short period of time but Microsoft was unable to maintain Microsoft user base & Microsoft lost most of its users due to Microsoft’s obsolete operating systems and Microsoft’s lack of support for Microsoft products such as Microsoft’s Xbox. Microsoft was able to recover from Microsoft’s past mistakes Microsoft made in the past and Microsoft seems like Microsoft has learned from Microsoft’s previous Microsoft blunders such as Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows 8, etc…

    Microsoft wants to make sure that this change isn’t seen as a temporary change but rather a permanent one. No matter what happens, individuals, fanboys, and even IT Providers that use Microsoft are keeping a close eye on the changes this upcoming year.