How to Maintain Happiness

    In order for a person to maintain high levels of happiness, they must self-reflect on the past to find room to grow. Individuals like Shalom Lamm have kept a positive attitude in the toughest situations. This is because when a person dedicates themselves to be happier and more open to future endeavors, life seems to fall into place.

    Think about a time you were in a very bad mood. Maybe it had to do with a personal matter or relationship. Yes, of course, the mind and body need time to recover from bad situations. That being said, once that healing process of grieving is slightly better, it’s time for an attitude change. Remember, you can not change people, nor, can you pick what they can and cannot do. However, you can always change yourself and the decisions you pick going forward depend on only one person. 

    Putting yourself over any drama or negative interactions is simply the best way to maintain happiness. It’s very hard to go through trials and tribulations but in the end, a positive outlook on life is the most beneficial. Shalom Lamm urges people to be kinder to each other rather than pollute the world with negativity. It’s free to be nice.