How to Set Different Departments of Your Business Up For Success

    A business is an ecosystem in the respect that one area of the business can hinder the rest. The marketing team could be bringing in leads but the sales team fails to close. Setting departments up for success depends on the hires that are made and processes that are put into place. Restructuring departments can take time and money so setting them up for success from the start is the most fiscally responsible thing a business can do. Empowering employees is a part of this process as micromanaging rarely is the best way to drive productivity. The following are tips for setting different departments at your company up for success.


    Accounting can be the area of your company that you outsource as hiring in-house accountants can be expensive. Business tax preparation can be tough for a founder without an accounting background. QuickBooks can help in these processes but might be confusing to someone that hasn’t used the platform in the past. Investing in the services of an accounting firm can actually save money in the tax breaks that they can find for the business. 

    Digital Marketing 

    Digital marketing can drive sales if the right type of qualified leads are given to the sales team. Data should be at the center of all of your marketing efforts as there are so many tools that collect data. Quality content is important in digital marketing as consumers are overwhelmed with the amount of content they view daily. The technical aspects of digital marketing are important as well as search engine optimization can help drive organic leads/traffic to a company website. Building a team of proven marketing professionals is important which will require showing proof of results from previous positions. 


    An all-star sales team with a production team to match can take a small business and build it into a corporate juggernaut. Fostering an environment of teamwork rather than predatory selling is important. Attracting top sales professionals can be about them earning uncapped commissions. The sales team should also have a clear understanding of the sales funnel. The communication between sales and customer service also has to be top of the line. For this reason, enlisting the help of a CRM can help all customers feel valued throughout the sales process to their client representatives.

    Customer Service 

    Customer service should be full of people that can diffuse even the angriest of customers. Someone that also understands the business can help remedy even the worst of situations. At times, all a person wants is a discount or coupon which will help retain a customer. CRMs are important as nothing can make an angry customer angrier than not feeling valued in the slightest. Customer service should be open at certain times as 24/7 customer service can be tough to afford for a small business. Freelancers could handle this but this is a risk if they are unsure of the company’s values. Instead of hiring freelancers, you can consider call center outsourcing in the Philippines. It can be a wise move if you want your business to provide 24/7 customer support and be sure that all customers are assisted by well-trained agents.

    Setting various departments up for success is important when trying to create a business that has success long-term. Laying the groundwork is essential as your competitors are likely doing the same thing.