Ideas For An Apartment In The Los Angeles Area

    Finding Your Oasis

    Unless you’ve got the resources at your behest, there’s actually a lot to be said for renting in Los Angeles right now. A modest property properly maintained is likely to diminish in value, except in the city’s most affluent areas—which are some of the most affluent in the country. Investing in such a property is little different from rental except over the extreme long-term, when you consider property value diminution and the outrageous cost of living presently.

    A better tactic might be finding a lease solution that is less permanent. That said, you’ll want to spend time carefully considering all your options. Moving around Los Angeles can be difficult. If you’ve got to travel from North Hollywood to West Hollywood, even though you may only be traveling eight or nine miles, it could take a full two hours to get there—if you leave at the wrong time.

    When conducting a move from one place to another in L.A., it’s best to know traffic patterns, and how many trips you’ll need to make. It could be more cost effective in terms of time and vehicular wear-and-tear to rent a U-haul even for a short move. Also, you want to ensure you move to a place which is properly situated in terms of your work.

    Since Los Angeles has a workforce that is very mobile, two things will jump out at you. One, you’ll need a central location. Two, you’ll be best suited having personal transportation available. Bikes, scooters, and your own two legs only take you so far. Public transportation is notoriously unreliable in terms of punctuality, and has some strange characters who regularly use it. Following, several central locations will be explored to help stimulate your thinking in this area.


    Downtown L.A.

    If you’re involved in top-tier business occupations, or centrally located entertainment ventures, you might want to look at this site,, for a central leasing option. These apartments are top-tier in terms of comfort, and in a relatively notable area. The 101 cuts L.A. proper in half. North of it is Chinatown, south of it the towering skyscrapers associated with the region, and just south of them are the units at eighth and grand.

    Too far south can be troublesome in terms of crime neighborhoods, but the intersection of eighth and grand is ideally located. If you’re working in Hollywood, it’s only a few miles north and west of you, and there are relatively dependable routes with traffic you can anticipate. Burbank and North Hollywood are a few miles north, Pasadena and Glendale are northeast of you. For a variety of acting, modeling, music, and corporate jobs, this location is very recommendable.

    Nearby Glendale

    Altana in Glendale in CA is a fine apartment option among many others peopled by the city’s artisans. Eagle Rock to the southeast and Pasadena are nearby. To the north and west is Burbank, and NoHo (North Hollywood) is right by Burbank. In New York there’s “The Village”, in Los Angeles, there’s Los Feliz, which is also adjacent to Glendale. The city is fairly affluent, and has low crime.

    Beyond getting top-tier apartments, Glendale may be even a better location than Los Angeles proper; though it is further from Hollywood, West Hollywood, and Santa Monica. Still, traffic is generally less intensive throughout Glendale, and the region represents sought housing for many L.A. residents.

    Finding Your Best Match

    There are excellent living solutions throughout Los Angeles and the larger metropolitan area, and even south into Orange County. The best place for you will depend on what sort of regular commute you have, the sort of community that agrees with you, and the living standard you’re seeking to maintain. Take your time, know what you want, and look at multiple units to make the best choice.