Kate Rose is One of the Most Popular Up and Coming Music Artists in the World

    The world of music is changing quickly and there are a lot of new, young artists who are entering the industry. One of the most popular is Kate Rose, whose given name is Katelyn Rose Kreizinger. She is an Egyptian-American singer in the R&B space who hails from Miami, FL. Kate has been interested in music for her entire life. Furthermore, she started taking piano lessons at the age of two, right around the time that most children are learning how to walk. From, there she became more interested in music and started to write her own. She even wrote songs that she could play on the piano for other people. As she explored her interest in music more, she began to sing. She realized that her piano and singing could go hand in hand and this only furthered her love of music even more. As she grew up, she participated more in her high school choir while also studying music theory. As she grew, her style of music evolved as well. She magically combines rap beats with her R&B style to create a unique form of music that she called R&B trap. This style of music uses rap beats that normally wouldn’t be found in accompaniment with R&B songs.

    Kate Rose has had a lot of support in her life and even though she is constantly surrounded by music, it is hard for her to pinpoint only a few artists that have influenced her style. She relates well with Jhene Aiko, another top music artist. She points to Sia, known for “Chandelier,” as her lyrical inspiration. Her music evolution has grown to the point where she now serves as an inspiration to others. She would like to use her music to not only change the industry but the world as a whole. She knows that music can influence people because it influenced her growing up. She wants to use her music to present a positive message that will inspire people to act. She also wants to help other artists succeed in the same manner that she has. In this manner, Kate Rose wants to succeed in all facets of music.

    In the meantime, Kate continues to take the music industry by storm. She just released her new single “Through It” which combines a powerful display or both audio and video. In the single, Ms. Rose’s full range and choreographic talents are on display. In addition to singing the song, she also directed the music video, placing all of her talents on display. In this fashion, Kate Rose is separating herself from the other young artists in the industry. She has generated a strong social media following and will be releasing more tracks later this year. Without a doubt, Kate Rose is one of the top artists to watch in 2020 and beyond. She is positioned well to change not only the music industry but the world as a whole.