Mann Kong is One of the World’s Leading Entrepreneurs

    While most teenagers are worrying about where they are going to go to college, what they are going to wear to the prom, or how they are going to buy their first car, Mann Kong has taken another path. In a short time, he has taken his life from a high school student struggling to pass his classes to generating millions of dollars in revenue. He entered an up and coming industry known as dropshipping and now has dozens of dropshipping stores. He has an incredible amount of knowledge regarding this market that he used to leverage his position in the market.

    Right now, he runs three different businesses. He has also opened more than 20 eCommerce stores during the past four years. His platform is an easy drag and drop website. This site is called Shopify. This platform is used to drive traffic to his website where he sells products. One of the unique aspects of dropshipping is that he never actually touches the products. The supplier fulfills all the orders. Mann Kong says the suppliers deal directly with the customer; however, the eCommerce store acts as a form of intermediary. Because the inventory never builds up in his own home, this eliminates the need for space. According to Mann Kong, this makes the business incredibly scalable This allows Mann Kong to meet the rising demand for his services.

    It didn’t take long for Mann Kong to realize that he had discovered something special. This led other business owners to ask Mann Kong for his assistance, wondering if he could do the same thing for their businesses. They wondered if he could use social media to increase their own brand awareness. This led to the growth of another company known as Viper Digital. Mann Kong decided it was time to start his own digital marketing agency. Now, he uses his knowledge in this space to generate leads and sales for other businesses as well. In addition to his role in dropshipping, this became his second company.

    Finally, he started a third business venture. He opened an online education company to teach people about the wonders of dropshipping. Anyone can learn the ropes of this business, according to Mann Kong. His university simply gives people the tools to open their own dropshipping stores and become successful. This course is a series of videotapes in which he shares his knowledge regarding dropshipping with the world. This allows others to replicate the results from start to finish. Even people who are struggling to get started can learn from his videos. He teaches people how to scale their businesses in the same manner.

    Without a doubt, Mann Kong has become a model of success for young entrepreneurs everywhere. His life is different from that of most high school students but he knows that the best time to take risks and become an entrepreneur is during the younger years. It will be exciting to see where he goes next with his growing businesses.