Plumbing Tips For New Homeowners: 5 Easy To Follow Plumbing Tips

    One of the best investments a new homeowner can make is in a comprehensive home inspection. It will help determine any problems that could arise in the future, which is why such an inspection should be done before the home is sold. Not only does it provide valuable information about the condition of the home, but it can also be used to steer clear of unscrupulous sellers who may try to sell a home with defects. Here are 5 plumbing tips for new homeowners to follow.

    Leaks are the most common problem associated with older homes. They tend to occur in places where the ground is not quite level, and the water table is not quite adequate. To detect leaks, look for small puddles or pools of water under the floorboards. You may also want to dig a small hole in the surrounding surface to see if you can spot the source of a leak.

    To remedy a leak, the first step is to turn on the main water supply and shut off the water from other water sources. Begin by finding the leak’s points of origin. If you can hear water dripping noises from several areas, this is a sign of a larger leak. Then, locate the water line that carries the water to your faucets. Here, plumbing tips for new homeowners will advise you to use a wrench or pliers to loosen and remove the valve that controls the water flow from your faucets.

    Next, check the water meter to see if it is showing accurate water levels. If the water level indicator is constantly changing, this could indicate a problem with the water supply. For new homeowners, the best solution is to have the home’s water checked once every year. This is especially important if you live in an area where extreme weather conditions, such as snow, rain and drought, can lead to low water levels. For the most part, new houses are built with inflatable tanks that hold enough water for a typical household.

    For leaks and faucet problems, do not assume that it will take years to repair a pipe. Oftentimes, pipes under sinks and basins do not wear out completely and can be easily fixed. Plumbers also suggest the use of drain cleaning solutions, such as Drano, in case the clog is particularly stubborn. In addition to using drain cleaners, other plumbing solutions including the use of baking soda and vinegar are also recommended. If those products don’t work, you may need to look into professional plumbing. The internet now provides a number of different companies to call. Depending on where you live, you can find good plumbers locally. One site is  where you can find a reliable plumber for all your plumbing news. 

    Before starting any plumbing work, it is also necessary for homeowners to understand the right plumbing tools they need. Plumbing hammers, long screwdrivers and wire coat hangers are some of the essential tools you need to start fixing your home. If you are going to use a plumbing auger, for example, make sure you have some long screws in your tool box.

    One of the most important plumbing tips for new homeowners is to use chemicals, such as drain cleaner or drain spray to clean any buildup in the pipes. This is important because clogs often cause pipes to back up, which in turn creates pressure inside the pipes. As you may have experienced, the pressure inside a pipe can cause serious, even life threatening, problems. If you use drain spray regularly, you will not experience any clogs ever again. It is also important to use this solution when there are children around, since they may put their hands into the toilet and contaminate the liquids.

    Proper installation is one of the best plumbing tips for new homeowners. Before starting any type of construction, it is important to get rid of all loose materials in the pipes. The best way to do this is by using a drill-style auger that has a telescoping handle. Before beginning any construction project, it is also important to get advice from a plumber on how to fix any drainage problems in the house. Remember, prevention is better than cure so before doing any major renovations, it is best to try to prevent plumbing issues as much as possible or call a 24 hour Cincinnati plumbing service.