Top 10 Louisville Breweries

When you’re in Louisville, there is a lot of history, tradition, and culture to explore. One of them is the craft beer scene, but with many great breweries to choose from, it can be a challenge to know where to begin. Below are 10 breweries you can start your adventure with! 

One of the best breweries to head to is Against the Grain Brewery and Public House. Located in the Highlands, they offer delicious burgers with their great selection of beers. Gravely Brewing Co. serves a wonderful IPA selection along with fantastic Mexican food and an amazing view of the city. Falls City Brewing Co. might be one of the oldest breweries still in operation, but their nice selection of craft beers and delicious quesadillas keep customers coming throughout the year. 

People come to Akasha Brewing Company to drink their raved about craft beers like the Akasha IPA, Sour Akasha, and more while Monnik Beer Co. attracts customers interested in their Belgian-style beers and savory burgers. Atrium Brewery offers an appetizing variety of food choices, including tacos and smoked chicken wings, with their many craft beers. Patrons praise Mile Wide Beer Co. for their top-notch dark beers that go well with delicious Neapolitan style pizzas from Mac’s. 

TEN20 Craft Brewery boasts a huge taproom, beer garden, and event spaces while also satisfying patrons with their excellent Storyteller IPA. Butchertown Brewing Company is a newer addition to the Louisville brewery scene, but they have already built a strong reputation for their unique high gravity beer offerings. Noble Funk Brewing Company specializes in sour beers and farmhouse ales with their pulled pork BBQ pizzas rivaling those at Mile Wide’s. 

Louisville has great breweries to visit, each with their own unique charms, so you’ll ultimately want to stop over at as many as possible when you’re in town!