Unlock the True Value of Big Data with Event Analytics

    The usage of data to make decision is becoming much more prevalent and rightfully so. Getting the best ROI on a specific project or campaign can help businesses predict future revenue and more accurately set budgets. Events are no different as there are copious amounts of money spent on certain events so understanding the ROI is important. A company might find out that by throwing a smaller more intimate event that they closed more sales when compared to a larger event. For this reason putting in ways and using tools that will help with event analytics is imperative to future events being an even bigger success. This can be whether you are the best injury lawyer in San Antonio or are trying to grow your small business into an industry mainstay. The following are what happens when you unlock the true power of big data in relation to throwing an event. 

    Using Tools That Are Proven To Help Work More Efficiently

    There are event planning solutions that can help guide a project and allow tasks to be assigned with ease. Automation in these types of solutions can be a lifesaver rather than having to manually assign a person a task a good workflow can be created in order to do this automatically. This solution being customized can help with future events making the management of them easier than ever before. The ability to have an app that helps remind people of speakers or sessions at a conference can be a perfect example of a tool that can help. Instead of sending email blasts a notification of a change can come right up in the app. This will not only make running the event easier but also will help improve attendee experience as there are certain sessions at events nobody wants to miss. 

    What Sessions Or Speakers Had The Largest Attendance 

    The understanding of what speakers or subject matter has the largest attendance is important. The ability to have a daily pouring in of attendees for a specific panel or presentation is extremely valuable. The ability to invite speakers that people want to learn from is a huge step so tracking this for return speakers is imperative. Inviting a speaker back that could have been boring or deemed offensive is setting the session up for failure. Bringing in thought leaders can make an event one of the hottest of the year if marketed effectively.

    Times Of Day Where There Was a Lull In Attendance Of Everything

    There are going to be lulls in attendance and engagement during an event for a variety of reasons. When hosting an event in Las Vegas this could be in the morning due to attendees nursing hangovers. In other cities it could be due to traffic or the desire to find food outside of the event venue. This can be remedied by scheduling a speaker that is considered a “can’t miss” at the conference during one of these slow times according to past data. Keeping people engaged with the conference can be important and the number of people in the venue staying high allows for your staff to pitch or create rapport with potential future clients. 

    Post Event Data Is Invaluable

    The ability to collect data about attendee experience is very valuable as it gives a company the chance to improve future events. There could be facets of the conference attendees loved while another part of the conference that needs to be modified or eliminated. The most important thing to remember is that people attend conferences to educate themselves as well as network so putting an emphasis on networking is essential. Sending out feedback forms via email with a reward of a discount on next year’s conference can be enough to incentivize attendees to give honest feedback. Taking time to monitor social media with the event’s hashtag is also important as this could be the first notification of a presenter running late or meeting place being moved. 

    The use of big data in event planning and execution of the plan will impact various details immensely. Event planning and hosting is a huge equation with variables that need to be managed!