How To Upgrade Beds in College Dorms

    Sleep is hugely important for everyone, but particularly for those at college. When you are that age, your body and brain need sleep more than at any other point in your life, as you are still growing and developing and are also having to learn so many new life skills at once.

    Good sleep helps the mind to develop as it should, and college kids are going to find learning and memory much more proficient if they are getting plenty of sleep each night. You should be doing everything you can to make sure that you are sleeping as well as possible in your college dorm. 

    In this article, we are going to give you some ideas on how to improve your sleep, and therefore improve your quality of life.


    Foam Mattress Topper

    One of the easiest and best ways to upgrade a bed in a college dorm is to use a foam mattress topper. This is simply a thin piece of foam that goes on top of your mattress and under your duvet, and it can iron out any of the kinks that might be in a college mattress.

    Additionally, mattress toppers are not too bulky to carry, so you can easily transport it from home to the college dorm, or between your dorm and future apartments.


    Custom Size Mattress

    Trying out a custom mattress in your dorm is a great way to improve your quality of sleep. It can be life-changing to find that you have been sleeping on the wrong mattress for so long, and often making this simple change is all you need to do to feel so much more comfortable again. 

    For the average dorm room, you would need to look into a Twin XL size custom size mattress, but the important thing is that you choose the right type of mattress for your personal needs.


    High-Quality Sheets

    Do you often wake up feeling itchy all over your skin? This can happen as a result of having cheap or low-quality sheets, which might be made of a material that disagrees with your skin. 

    Low-quality sheets are not going to help your sleep levels at all. Instead, you should aim for high-quality bedding, which is going to make sleeping so much better and more attainable.


    Layer Blankets

    Many college dorm beds do not come with much in the way of additional comfort. A simple and easy way to add some additional comfort is by layering cozy blankets. 

    You can have as many or as few layered blankets as you personally need, but as long as you have the option you are going to feel so much more ready for sleep in your college bed.


    Invest In Good Pillows

    It is always worth spending some money on a decent set of pillows. In many dorms, you will not have a headboard, so having several sturdy pillows is important.

    You need to work out what kind of pillow is best for you, however- some people prefer a harder pillow that keeps the head up, while some sleep better with a softer option. Treat yourself to some good pillows this year, it could significantly improve your quality of sleep.