Weed, the Wonder Drug: 5 Great Benefits of Medical Grade Marijuana

    Did you know there are over 2 million people in the United States that are medical marijuana patients?

    No wonder that people are looking more into the benefits medically for this drug.

    Opinions differ about the use of marijuana and it’s a controversial subject, but it’s clear that medical grade marijuana has its place. Keep reading to learn 5 benefits of medical marijuana.

    5 Benefits of Medical Grade Marijuana

    Some people think that marijuana is a new drug but don’t realize that although the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) hasn’t approved it for treating any health problems, it has actually been used for different health conditions for at least 3,000 years. Medical grade marijuana is being accepted in more states through the U.S. every year because of the changes they have made in many people’s lives medically.

    It has become so popular for medical use not only in the United States. There’s even a mail order weed Canada available online for Canada residents that are over the age of 19. Cannabis has countless health benefits let’s chat about the top 5.

    1. Nightmares

    If you suffer from frequent nightmares marijuana can help decrease the number of nightmares a person has. Marijuana disturbs the later stages of the REM cycle of sleep which is the cycle when nightmares and other dreams happen. It’s a natural remedy that can help a person relax and induce sleep.

    2. Pain

    Many studies have shown that marijuana and products that contain cannabinoids help relieve chronic pain. It has also been effective in reducing pain for those going through chemotherapy. Chemo patients suffer from severe pain and severe nausea, marijuana has shown to help ease those pains for patients.

    3. Depression and Anxiety

    Clinical Psychology Review found that the use of marijuana relieves depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Keep in mind that marijuana isn’t recommended to treat psychosis or bipolar disorder because it can worsen these health conditions.

    4. Multiple Sclerosis

    Marijuana has shown to help stop the negative effects of muscle spams that multiple sclerosis causes. Studies have shown that the THC in marijuana bonds the receptors that are found in the muscles and in the nerves. This bond is what relieves the pain for those suffering from MS.

    5. Arthritis

    Marijuana doesn’t only reduce pain as mentioned above it also reduces inflammation. Those suffering from arthritis can find relieve in their discomfort with the use of marijuana. It also improves sleep quality because less pain is experienced at nighttime.

    Marijuana Is Gaining Traction

    Although medical grade marijuana is still a controversial subject among many it continues to gain traction. More people are noticing the benefits because of personal use or a loved one. As more people benefit from the medicinal properties of marijuana the less controversial it will become.

    As medical science continues to study marijuana and share more benefits it will become more widely accepted as medicine.

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