What Happens When You Mix Different CBD Gummies Together?

    CBD gummies can provide some awesome health benefits, but their effectiveness has some people wondering what happens if I mix them together? CBD gummies are a tasty and affordable way to get a potent dose of CBD and have become the staple dosing method for many regular CBD users because of their flavor. 

    Here we’ll talk about what CBD gummies are, how they help with certain ailments, and what (if anything) happens when you start mixing brands and doses. 

    CBD Gummies

    CBD-based products have become wildly popular in the last few years, mostly due to hemp’s legalization in 2018. CBD is sourced from industrial hemp, so once the Farm Bill was signed into law making hemp legal to grown and cultivate, the CBD industry experienced a boom; and it’s still riding the wave two years later, with projections for growth in the billions of dollars for the coming decade. 

    CBD gummies taste just like regular gummy worms, bears, or whatever shape you’d find at a grocery/candy store. They’re usually very sweet, but there are both sour and sugar-free options available for those who prefer something different. 

    Due to their ease of use and tasty goodness, CBD users have made them a favorite in the CBD community. 

    CBD has been found to benefit the body and mind in several ways, from helping control anxiety and depression to reducing inflammation and pain and much more. Now that hemp is officially legal, the research is catching up to the years of criminalization of the plant and its Cannabinoids; of which cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of 113. 

    Who Uses CBD Gummies?

    One of the best things about CBD recovery gummies is their ability to appeal to all age groups. Some people give CBD gummies to their children to help manage hyperactive disorders and stress, and we’re seeing a rise in the number of baby boomers using CBD products.

    Everyone can appreciate the simplicity of gummy candy, and those tasty gummy worms often bring back images of childhood memories. The nostalgic feel, potent effects of the CBD inside, and tasty sweet texture make CBD gummies perfect for new users and seasoned users alike. 

    CBD has received plenty of attention on social media and in mainstream media outlets for its health benefits and ease of use. In fact, the FDA has even approved a CBD-based drug called Epidiolex for certain rare seizure conditions. 


    CBD gummies come in several varieties, and each brand seems to dose their gummies differently. Some brands start out at just 10mg of CBD per gummy, whereas others load their gummies up with 25-30mg of CBD. Read here about Charlotte’s Web cbd gummies 10mg review

    Your dosage will depend largely on your weight and your individual body chemistry. Usually, it’s a good idea to start low and work your way up to learn how much you can tolerate. 

    CBD doesn’t have any dangerous side effects, so even if you take “too much”, you’ll likely only experience fatigue or loss of appetite. Start out with 10mg gummies and take the suggested dose per the package instructions. That will usually amount to around 1-2 gummies per day. 

    Keep in mind that you might not feel an immediate effect in the first few days. Your body needs to be accustomed to the new substance. If a few weeks go by and you’re still not feeling any effect, up your dose to a 20 or 30mg gummy.  

    What If I Mix Them?

    Let’s say you’ve found two different flavors that you just really want to mix together. What’s going to happen? Likely nothing will happen, except that you may feel a more potent effect depending on the individual CBD content of each gummy. 

    Mixing flavors is ok, and as long as you’re tracking your dosage, you shouldn’t have any issues. 

    Mixing CBD isn’t like mixing painkillers or something more dangerous. This natural compound works with your body’s nervous system to provide a myriad of health benefits, and, so far, clinical research has shown no major problems from taking CBD regularly. 

    Where Do I Get Gummies?

    Some of the best CBD gummies on the market can be found online at dealers like Penguin CBD, Verma Farms, and PureKana. These companies all have a reputation for excellence both in service and the quality of their CBD products. 

    Make sure whichever brand you use is producing only high-quality gummies with CBD sourced from USA-grown hemp. The US is very strict about how hemp is grown and cultivated. 

    The Bottom Line 

    Mixing CBD gummies together isn’t dangerous, and you shouldn’t experience any unfavorable side effects, either. Make sure you’re tracking your dosage and how your body reacts to the gummies themselves. Always start with a small dose and work your way up, and remember, these gummies are absorbed through the digestive tract, meaning they won’t work instantly.