What Type of Businesses Should Offer Their Employees to Work Remotely?

    Today, many businesses are struggling to afford office space and hire talented employees. In addition, employees want flexibility and choice in their work. Whether that is to be near family or to be rid of time-consuming commutes to save money on gas. These hiring pressures and operating costs in conjunction with a huge explosion of in-home broadband access, cloud-based tools, and smart phones make remote work an easy option for a growing number of businesses. However, what type of businesses should offer their employees to work remotely? 

    In the past, working remotely was commonly associated with multi-level-marketing businesses like Avon or Amway. Today, working from home is more common than ever! Here are some of the top businesses that should offer this option to their staff: 

    1. Therapy

    Therapy has evolved quite a bit over the years. Due to this, it has brought therapy sessions from taking a seat in a quiet room in an office building to the comfort of just about anywhere! In addition, more companies are being created in the medical and health industry, as well as education, philanthropy and pharmaceutical which need remote marriage therapists, speech pathologists, and counselors – just to name a few!

    1. Administration

    Many organizations need around the clock support for short-term growth projects and global operations. The best part? These companies tend to let their employees work remote because tasks like accounting, scheduling and customer service don’t need to be done in an office. 

    1. Client Services

    Client services is a combination of customer service and sales management. These jobs are there to take care of customer’s issues and represent the company when the need arises. Businesses should offer their staff to work form home because this is another industry that does not need to be done in an office. 

    1. Tutoring

    Education businesses with tutoring service should offer work-from-home options to their staff, because with technology, this service can be done without ever leaving the comfort of their bed. There are many tutoring positions like ESL teachers, prep instructors or academic support coaches to help a wide variety of ages with many different subject areas.

    1. Computers and Information Technology (IT)

    IT is known for its progressive approach to virtual offices. Some of the job titles associated with this field are project managers, web designers, power-system engineers, software developer, and technical writer which all can be done remotely. Make sure you utilize virtual address services to keep your emails and messages organized.

    1. Sales

    Working in sales is demanding because it requires a serious amount of drive and motivation to be successful. Many sales professionals communicate with clients through email or over the phone, businesses tend to allow these employees to work remotely. Some of the typical job titles associated with sales include lead generation associate, marketing manager, and account executive.

    1. Accounting and Finance

    Not too surprising to find that accounting and finance businesses allow their employees to work from home! This is because tasks typically include processing financial data, organizing records, handling accounts, or helping clients with their taxes – all which can be done remotely. Common job titles associated with this field include auditor, finance manager, bookkeeper and accountant. 

    1. Insurance

    This hot industry is one that hires a lot of telecommuters because many business owners realize that their employees can do this job remotely. Insurance agents speak with their clients over the phone or through email making it unnecessary to come into the office. 

    In todays world, working remotely from home is a viable and important element of modern work that stands to reshape important aspects of how organizations, employees, and economics function. With a little bit of practice and the right foundations, businesses and their staff can approach this complex and ever-changing landscape with not only knowledge, but confidence!