Divorce Forms Online in Oklahoma | How to Get?

    Online preparation of documents is now a reality for couples in all 50 states. Today, it is possible to prepare divorce papers online from the comfort of your home. So, if you are planning a divorce in Oklahoma, this approach to completing the paperwork will save you time, money, and nerves. Keep reading to find out how.

    What is online divorce?

    Online divorce is an affordable, fast, and easy solution to fill out divorce forms.

    The term “online divorce” deals with the preparation of legal paperwork only. It doesn’t mean you can divorce over the Internet. You can only use online tools to prepare your forms, which you then need to file with the court to dissolve your marriage.

    How web divorce works

    Online divorce companies offer special questionnaires where spouses share details about their marriage. Then, the platform completes the relevant documents. After that, spouses just need to print, sign, and file them with the court.

    However, not every couple can use such tools. Only those who file for uncontested divorce qualify. Uncontested means that spouses agree to end their marriage and have no disputes regarding property division, spousal support, child custody, child support, etc.

    If your case is contested, i.e., you have disputes with your spouse that you can’t solve yourselves, you can’t proceed without an attorney. You need to hire a legal specialist to fill out your forms and protect your interests in court.

    Why one should use online divorce

    The trend of preparing divorce forms online is quickly gaining momentum because it makes the preparation for the divorce process in Oklahoma relatively quick and hassle-free.

    One of the key advantages of online divorce in Oklahoma is that spouses can complete their forms without wasting money on legal fees. Since spouses agree on the terms of the divorce and the dissolution of marriage is amicable, couples don’t need to hire a lawyer.

    What’s more, online platforms use forms that meet all of the state’s requirements. So, you can be sure you’ll receive 100% court-approved papers.

    Plus, online divorce is fast. The documents are prepared in just a few days, while a lawyer may need a week or more due to their busy schedule.

    Overview of Oklahoma divorce forms

    Like in any other state, divorce forms in Oklahoma are unique, and so are the requirements to fill them out. Moreover, the documents required may vary depending on the county and case specifics.

    Some of the forms for getting a divorce in Oklahoma are:

    1.      Petition

    This form can be of two types: petition for divorce without minor children and petition for divorce with minor children.

    2.      Summons

    This form is used to inform the respondent about divorce. It also notifies them they have twenty days to answer the petition after receiving this summons.

    3.      The Civil Cover Sheet

    This form asks for general case details. However, spouses can leave some of the fields empty if they don’t have the information needed.

    Some other forms you may need to prepare before filing for divorce in Oklahoma include:

    These forms are available on the Oklahoma court system website. Spouses can download the latest versions and fill them out themselves.

    However, it can be difficult and take much time because not all people have a legal background to understand the complex terms used. In addition, spouses may not know how to fill them out correctly.

    If a couple uses forms that don’t suit their case or make mistakes, the court clerk will reject the papers, and spouses will have to fill them out again.

    What to do once you complete your paperwork

    Once you have prepared all the necessary documents, you need to submit them to the district court. According to Oklahoma law, it can be a court in the county you have lived in for the past thirty days. Alternatively, you can apply in the county where your spouse lives.

    The court clerk will check the documents and stamp them if everything is okay. Don’t forget to make several copies of your papers; one for the judge, one for the defendant, one for you.

    Also, the petitioner (filing spouse) must pay filing fees. However, they can be waived if a request is made and the petitioner proves the financial inability to pay.

    Next, the court will schedule a final hearing. If the divorce is contested, there may be several hearings until the spouses resolve all issues related to their marriage.

    However, there is a mandatory waiting period. If the spouses have no children, the hearing may be held no earlier than ten days after filing the petition. If the couple has children, the spouses will have to wait ninety days after filing.


    If you want to get divorce forms online in Oklahoma, you need to meet one critical requirement – your divorce must be uncontested. If you manage to agree on all divorce-related issues with your spouse, you can be eligible for internet divorce and prepare your application for divorce online.

    It’s cheaper as you don’t need to hire an attorney to complete your paperwork. Moreover, it’s quick as you only need several hours to fill out the questionnaire. In addition, some of the platforms provide clients with filing instructions. It means that you can file your papers with the court in Oklahoma correctly.