How Big Of An AC Unit Do I Need?

    Air conditioning is an essential item in every house and plays a crucial role in keeping your home comfortable. If you have ever had to go without air conditioning or had an AC unit that does not work correctly, you will know the heat of the summer can feel unbearable.

    As your air conditioning system is such a vital part of your home, it is essential that you choose the right size of air conditioning unit. Choosing the correct size unit will ensure it can function at its best and keep your home at a consistently comfortable temperature. 

    Big AC Unit Vs. Small – Factors to Consider

    When choosing a new AC unit for your home, you may be wondering, how big does your air conditioning unit need to be? Many people think bigger is better to achieve the coolest temperatures in their home. However, there are other points to consider to select the perfect size of air conditioner for your property. 

    Here are some factors that determine which size AC unit you will need:

    Your Local Climate

    Temperatures are rising across the United States each year. So, having an air conditioning unit capable of keeping your home cool is essential. Air conditioning units come with BTU ratings that let you know how powerful they are; the higher the unit’s BTU rating, the more powerful it is. 

    Understanding which BTU rating is recommended for your climate zone will give you a clearer idea of the size of AC unit you need.

    The Size of Your Home

    Using a BTU rating to decide on the size of AC unit you need should be decided based not only on your climate zone but also the size of your home. Figuring out the amount of BTUs you need per square foot in your house is something that a professional AC installation company can help you with to ensure you choose the ideal size unit for your property.

    The Design of Your Home

    The way your home is configured can influence your choice of air conditioning unit. If your rooms have multiple windows and doors, the air can escape more easily, and it will take more power for your AC unit to keep the room cool. This could mean you need a bigger unit to take care of the temperature. 

    If your rooms are mainly in the shade, less cooling capacity will be required to maintain a cool temperature. But a space that is exposed to lots of sunlight will need your air conditioning to work harder.

    Your home’s insulation will also play a part in the size of an air conditioning unit you need. If your home is well insulated, your AC unit will be able to maintain the temperature more efficiently.

    Deciding on the best size of AC unit can be challenging. Getting a professional to take care of your AC Installation is always the best way to ensure your home has exactly the right size of AC unit to keep it cool.