How Kitchen Cabinets Can be the Showpiece in Your New Kitchen

    Cabinets take up a large part of your kitchen. They also take up a large portion of your remodeling budget when you are renovating the kitchen. In fact, the National Kitchen and Bath Association reports that cabinetry alone could assume as much as 40% of your total budget. That’s why it is important to make sure that you get your money’s worth by making your kitchen cabinets stand out. Here’s how. 

    Choose Unique Layouts

    Cabinets need to be functional, but thanks to modern machinery, there are a lot of unique layouts and formats for cabinetry that are stylish and still quite functional. Consider a couple of open-front or glass-front cabinets with built-in lighting to showcase some of your bakeware or your favourite cookbooks. You could even consider trading some of your upper cabinets for open shelving. 

    Install Sliding-Door Pantries

    In the place of traditional cabinets, you can choose cabinets with a sliding door that function as a built-in pantry. There are other unique cabinet styles and designs available, giving you a lot of ways to create a unique custom space. Anything other than standard cabinets is going to stand out and show off the space better. 

    Paint Instead of Stain

    Stained cabinets look great in almost any kitchen. However, they also look very expected. If you want a showpiece, consider painting cabinets a bold colour that goes with the paint colour to create a totally different look. White is commonly used in cabinetry, so that isn’t going to make as much of an impact. Consult with kitchen designers or look online to get some inspiration. 

    Choose a Functional Island

    If you have room for an island in your kitchen, make sure that you choose the kitchen cabinetry for this piece very carefully. While the style does make a difference, most homeowners are looking for function in the kitchen. Again, consider unique cabinetry and designs here to create a truly unique customised design with the help of professional designers. 

    Kitchen cabinets are a big investment, no matter what style you choose. You might as well get the look that you want. Use these tips to help you create your perfect custom kitchen