How Nique Leveraged YouTube to Built a Powerful Beauty Empire

    YouTube is one of the most powerful social platforms today. There are countless stories of entertainers and entrepreneurs who got their start on YouTube and other social platforms. Many people who watch the news or read into the backgrounds of these successful stars only see the end result; however, they don’t realize the work that goes into their success. Nique has built a beauty empire on hard work, passion, dedication, and YouTube fame. Now, her mission is to help others through her high-quality, exceptional beauty products.

    Today, Nique is known as a YouTube star and beauty mogul. She rose to fame through a YouTube channel run by her and her boyfriend, called Nique and King. From a young age, Nique was captivated by YouTube videos. She watched and learned from some of her favorite artists and figured out what it took to make a great YouTube video. Then, she started to make her own videos for her classmates and friends. They started small, with short videos that had entertaining sketches. She realized that she had a tremendous talent for making these videos. Her classmates fell in love with them. Eventually, her video channel evolved into a video log that expanded into a YouTube channel. That is where Nique took off.

    With the help of her friends and family members, her videos became more popular than ever. Soon, total strangers were watching the videos because they were making their way onto additional platforms. This helped to increase the recognition of Nique and King. They were leveraging their videos to discuss important issues as well as entertain their viewers. The goal of Nique and King was to show the world that they were a couple just like any other. She tried to speak to her audience on their level, which increased her credibility with the countless people who were watching the videos. This led to the growth of her social media following.

    A few short years later, she had amassed close to 1.4 million followers on Instagram. Furthermore, the YouTube channel where this all started had reached 2 million subscribers. This simply shows how Nique is able to communicate with her audience on a personal level. Her channel evolved into a place to discuss fashion, design, and trends in this industry. In addition to providing beautiful products to her followers at an affordable price, she is inspiring all of her viewers, fans, and followers to make their own dreams come true.

    Now, Nique and King are the owners of Excuse My Beauty Hair Company. This simply started as a hobby and a way to spend free time. The making of fun, happy videos has now turned into a successful beauty line and a way for Nique to inspire her fans. Without a doubt, she is a model for how anyone can make their dreams come true with some hard work and effort. It will be exciting to see where she goes from here.