The Many Faces of Digital Marketing

    When you think of the term ‘digital marketing’, thoughts of websites and search engines are prominent, yet there is so much more to SEO services, with numerous strategies that are designed to boost web traffic. Here are a few of the popular digital marketing services that businesses are using today.

    • Outreach Blogging – This is a very cost-effective way to put inbound links onto the web, and it involves creating quality blogs and articles that have links carefully placed within. The blogs are posted on independent blogging sites that have high readership, and when readers click on the links, they are taken to the client’s landing page. When you approach an SEO company, they have outreach blog packages that start with 10 articles and go right up to literally hundreds per month, which would drive a high volume of traffic to the client’s platform.
    • Google Ads – Pay-per-click advertising offers a good roi, and with a Google Ads agency, you target the right people, with many variables to determine who actually sees your ads. Sadly, many small business owners run their own Google Ads campaigns, and with little or no knowledge of complex algorithms, they often target the wrong people and therefore do not get a good return. If you want the very best from a Google Ads campaign, talk to a leading SEO agency, who would have a team of experts who are ready to work their magic for your business.
    • Search Engine Optimisation – When a potential customer searches with Google for a product or service, where would your website rank? It is very easy to test; simply type relevant keywords into the Google search window and hit the search button. If you are on page one, you are to be congratulated, but if your platform is on page 17, there is no way you are going to get a site visitor from Google. Search engine optimisation helps search engines like Google to notice your website, and there are several strategies to achieve this, keyword insertion into specific locations on the website, link-building and posting quality content, are all effective ways to drive traffic to your landing page.
    • Social Media Marketing – Facebook has enormous potential for any business, and franchise marketing system; and by handing control of all your social media platforms to a leading SEO provider, you will soon enjoy a large following, as the experts set about generating the right content to engage the user. It takes time to build a big following and this can only be done with a concerted effort that involves interacting with users via chat and text. Create short ‘how to’ videos and clips that introduce you and your team, as this brings personalisation into the frame, and posting engaging blogs that are industry related offers the user valuable information. Here are some cool tips for Facebook videos, which generate interest.

    Thanks to the pandemic, more people are shopping online, and if you are not making best use of digital marketing, this is something to remedy as soon as possible.