What New Bikers Should Learn Right From The Start

    New riders have a lot of things to learn. In case you don’t have a biker friend with more experience that could teach you more about how to ride your motorcycle properly and give you useful pointers, this short guide will get you started.

    Be a more cautious bike rider than a car driver

    If you are a car driver and you have just taken up riding a motorcycle, the difference in attitude you need to focus on may come as a surprise. Riders need to pay much more attention to the traffic and ride more cautiously because they are not as well protected as they were when behind the wheel of a car.

    What happens is that car drivers will have more troubles seeing you and your bike than you inside another car. That’s a fact, and while there are many people who, of course, neglect their part of the responsibility, and do things that should never be done behind the wheel, like texting, it is up to you to protect yourself.

    That said, you need to work on your riding attitude as a biker. Don’t be aggressive and keep both eyes wide open for other traffic participants. No matter how tempting it might feel to ride at high-speeds, and forget about everything and everyone except for your bike and the road ahead, being extremely cautious pays off.

    Get all the needed equipment

    As a novice, you will need to get used to having all the necessary stuff at hand and in good condition. First, you will need to invest some money in a good quality helmet. In the case of a crash, it is the only way to protect your head to the best of your abilities. Next, get some proper biker clothes, such as a jacket, pants, gloves, and footwear.

    Other things might be needed for your motorcycle with time, such as a new battery, or other replacements. You can find plenty of accessories and equipment for riders on YoungChoppers.

    Get used to your bike

    When out on the road, you will depend on your motorcycle, and you need to know that it will keep you out of trouble and not run out of control. So, after taking the required classes, you should focus on getting used to your bike and its controls.

    You have all the theoretical knowledge at hand, and now it’s time you apply it. If needed, take all that’s required to learn by heart how your bike works.

    Become knowledgeable about regular bike maintenance

    Since you’ve just bought a shiny new motorcycle, things about its maintenance might be the last on your mind. But it is never too early to learn, and if you become accustomed to treating your bike right, it will treat you right in return.

    Checking the tire pressure, the battery, the oil levels, and other things will let you know if your bike is ready to hit the road. In case it’s not, never take any chances and get it repaired if needed.