Why Video is the Best Medium for Storytelling

    Video has risen in popularity across the board and on nearly every social media site, and for good reason. There is no other medium that tells a story like video does. Take one look at the digital community and you’ll see the clear prominence of the video side. Think of Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube — these sites are all buzzing with social media gurus looking to give their audience well-edited eye-catching video segments. Here are some of the reasons video is the best medium for storytelling.

    It is engaging and paints a clear picture

    The best part about video is that it gives viewers a clear representation of what the producer and videographer are trying to convey. Videos can stimulate emotions and thoughts that make the viewer want to act on something or think differently. The ability video has to compel viewers with its message is unmatched in the digital media space.

    Video has the power of being able to be live-streamed, as well, which gives digital media consumers live view ability and is one of the main reasons companies put emphasis on producing video for their social channels.

    Video pulls together and unites other mediums

    One thing that people seem to forget about video is that it is appealing for the main reason that it is the most stimulating. Video uses include visual, audio, captioning, and so much more. This makes it the most appealing to all the senses.

    People are more likely to be pulled into a video because of this very appeal. Of course, there are poorly done videos which have the opposite effect, so if you’re looking to produce your own video, be sure to have an expert on your team. If your company needs great video, look into hiring an agency like 929Media to produce the content you need. Agencies such as 929Media can use video to get your branding, messaging, and call-to-action across in the most effective ways possible. They have teams consisting of creatives, producers, and designers to make sure your video will appeal to and be viewed by your target audience.

    Video promotes social media sharing

    With great video comes a great amount of shares on social platforms. In this digital age, it is one of the most valuable and inexpensive ways to get your message across. Social media is a place people go to consume content, so there’s no better reason to use it as a platform for your video.

    People are more likely to share video because it tells a story. Most online engagement happens through video sharing and commenting, as friends and relatives use them to connect with, relate to, and inform their online community.

    Video displays nonverbal communication

    The best part of video is that some only need music and visuals. There is no reason to use words to communicate, which speaks to a broader audience and overcomes the restrictions of language barriers. People prefer to feel and see a story more than they want to hear it. Humans are becoming increasingly more visual with the rapid production of content. Sometimes, non-verbal emotions are stronger than a written news story or a caption. People scroll through social media and want to see something that makes them stop, watch, and feel something—which is best achieved through video.

    Video is great for music, journalism, marketing, and almost any other area. It is a creative and effective way to reach your audience with an array of sounds and visuals that are unmatched on other mediums. Speak to your marketing or content department and discuss ways to integrate video into your future campaigns.